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Platinum Sponsors

Platinum sponsors are the highest tier of sponsorship. These people are pledging with at least $50 a month.


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$52 /mo

When I first started using Formerly, I was a silver 4. Now I'm a master guardian elite. I'm so happy I found Formerly! I can't thank you enough!


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$58 /mo

Sit down. Be humble
~ Kendrick Lamar


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$92 /mo

Formerly is the best way to improve your gamesense. I never been better while using Formerly!

Gold Sponsors

Gold sponsors are all donators that have pledged at least $20 per month.

Gold 1

$21 /mo

Gold 2

$28 /mo

Gold 3

$33 /mo

Gold 3

$29 /mo

Silver Sponsors

Silver sponsors are all donators that are pledging at least $10 or more per month.

Silver 1

$12 /mo

Silver 2

$16 /mo

Silver 3

$14 /mo

Silver 4

$11 /mo

Silver 5

$29 /mo

Silver 6

$15 /mo